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Lubeca Chocolate Block
Chocolate couverture Lubeca (Germany):

-    Elegant smooth texture
-    Vanilla flavored milk chocolate
-    Dark chocolate with a roasted taste
-    Excellent for chocolate pieces and pastry use : Ganaches, Mousses etc...
Chocolate Bake-stable sticks for croissants
Available in:
-    Milk chocolate : 38% and 43% Cacao content

-    Dark Chocolate: 55% , 60%, 70% Cacao content

-    Milk Chocolate: 33 % cacao content

Dark chocolate Batons for croissants:

-    Best Franch chocolate
-    Delicious dark chocolate taste
-    Does not mix with the dough of the croissant

Cocoa powder type 22/24

-    COCOA powder (type 22/24) has intense colour and taste. It is particularly suitable for all aspects of the ice-cream and confectionery industries.

Cocoa Powder
Chocolate Flakes Millk & Dark  White Chocolate
Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Bake-stable sticks for croissants
Chocolate Chips
Created specifically to resist melting in the oven, this product is perfect to decorate, muffins, cookies, panettoni, etc...
Contains 46% cocoa
Made from real chocolate
2.5 kg blocks
or  boxes with 10 kg callets
Made In Germany

Packaging: 10kg cartons
Made in Italy
Little flakes of dark, milk, or white chocolate, particularily appreciated in the decoration of cakes, and petit fours
- Shiny look
- Does not melt easily
- 0.5mm thickness
Available in Milk, Dark or White Chocolate
Packaging: 10kg cartons
Made in Italy
Packaging: box with 1.6 kg (300 pieces)
Made in France
Packaging: 1kg bag
Made in Italy
Compound Chocolate in Chips

-    Excellent  Snap, texture and taste
-    In chips easier to melt
-    Stable quality
-    Excellent for petit fours, ganache and all types of decoration
Packaging: 10kg box
Made in Italy