Scandies is an importer and distributor of raw material for pastry. The company was founded in 1982 by Mr. Elie and Mr. Adel Iskandar. Our mission is to be the most reliable distributor of pastry material, and to serve every pastry chef with the best material.

We do not only ensure the best quality, but we make sure to follow up with our customers with the best support, from our salespersons and chefs.

Our suppliers are from Belgium, USA, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

We are proud to supply most 5 stars hotels in Lebanon, the finest caters and bakeries, and almost all pastry shops. Our sales team provides precise follow up while our delivery team ensures that all orders arrive on time.

Our company is founded on hard work, integrity, and innovation. Innovation is what has made us grow this far and will keep us moving towards the future.

We are sole distributors in Lebanon for the following suppliers:

Aldia  (Belgium) - Fruit glazes , fruit fillings , jams
Satin Ice (USA) - Sugar Fondant
Barbara Luijicks (Poland) - Chocolate decoration
Komplet (Germany) - Cake and bread mixes
Lubeca (Germany) - Chocolate couverture & Marzipan
Norte EuroCao (spain) - Compound chocolate, Margarines , Chocolate chips
Ambrosio (Italy) - Candied fruits
Veri (Greece)- Canned Fruits
Francesco moreno (Spain) - Candied Fruits

and many more..

Please contact us so that or one of our salespersons!

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